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“We were able to automate our CLCM journey effortlessly”

“Ever since we started using Netcore Smartech in August, 2018; we’ve been able to automate our CLCM user journey. We’ve also been able to create highly complex cohorts and effective engagement campaigns for each. New engagement tactics and creative ideas from the team have also been very helpful.”

“Smartech helped us boost email domain scalability by 5X in 90 days”

“When we started our journey to increase the reputation of our new domain – – we knew it required massive effort. With strategic inputs from the team, we followed time-bound milestones, implemented industry best practices, and experimented with multiple formats to increase our email domain scalability by 5X in 90 days. We look to further scale this while uplifting our email marketing program.”

“Smartech has helped us grow the visitor to lead ratio on our website”

“Using Smartech we have been able to communicate better with visitors on our website and make them more interested on finalizing their travel plan with SOTC. It not only gives us the opportunity to re-emphasize on the current offers but also enables us to share relevant reading articles with users. This gives them more information on the ideal destination for their next holiday while increasing the chances of conversion.”

“Saw an uplift of 10% in new user transactions on our mobile app”

“GlowRoad is India’s fastest growing Social Commerce app with 60 million+ active resellers. We saw an uplift of 10% in new user transactions on our mobile app using Smartech – Apxor’s Contextual App Walkthroughs. We intend to double this number over the next 2 quarters with Actionable App Analytics and Contextual App Walkthroughs. A big thank you to the entire team!”

“Reduced app uninstall rates and push notification delivery went up”

“It is extremely crucial to engage the users right from the beginning for an App Marketer. Netcore Smartech’s ‘Push Amplification’ feature gave us the advantage of reducing our overall app uninstall rate. Our push notification delivery rate went up and ensured that our push messages reach to the targeted users.”

Max Life Insurance

“Term Insurance has a long look to book window, extending upto 30 days. Moreover payment to policy issuance involves multiple stages. An integrated marketing automation approach becomes imperative and Netcore has helped us with it. Thanks to this, our last click sale contribution through owned media increased from 1% to 12% in less than 6 months.”

“Using Smartech, our user engagement went up 1.5x”

“By switching to Netcore’s Smartech, our user engagement went up 1.5x and unique open rates by over 2x. We also achieved 95% Primary Inboxing in Gmail while unique click rates doubled in just 6 months. Our moment of delight was when a recent email campaign (with a user base of millions) fetched us an open rate of 25% & CTR of 7% which is unheard of in email marketing.”

“Solved our biggest problem: low rates of push notification delivery”

“Smartech’s actionable analytics, advanced segmentation, and multi-channel marketing automation helped us increase our campaign revenues by 2.5X. The ML-powered automated and personalised engagement strategies also helped us boost lead generation by 2X on Smartech, reducing customer acquisition costs by 50%. Smartech Push Amplification solved our biggest problem: low rates of push Notification delivery. Our Push Notification delivery rate went up by 44% and CTRs by 63%

“Increased user engagement by 2x”

“Smartech’s AI Based Email Delivery & Expert consulting helped PhonePe to increase user engagements by 2X and overall inbox deliverability by 95%. Their expert consultancy and insights helped us improve our design and ad copies for better user experience.”

“Smartech enabled smooth campaign deployment and boost email ROI by 10%”

“With deep analysis, data segmentation & send time optimisation, Smartech enabled smooth campaign deployment which boosted our email open rates, increase web-traffic and efficient data tagging. Continuous content consultancy from the team not only improved our IPR & website visits but also increase email open rate by 20% and email ROI by 10%.”

“Seen an uplift of 20-25% in Open Rates through ML features”

“Sent Time Optimisation as a ML feature on Smartech has given us an uplift of 20 – 25 % in open rates, which led to increased clicks, resulting in increased lead generation. This enabled us to reach out to the customer at the most optimal time for a customer.”

Times Internet

“Netcore helped us to seamlessly integrate all of our channels, by giving us Unified View of our Customers. And, with their actionable insights, we improved our customer retention by 30%, enabling us to deliver rich and seamless customer experience.”


“Netcore has been critical to our customer retention strategy and we have partnered with them for 4+ years now. Using AI based delivery, Netcore helped us in Primary Inboxing, achieve 60% improvement in Email campaign performance which is 2X of Average industry standards.”


“With Smartech, our 2-month campaign saw 87% customer feedback rate while email open rate, which is normally seen at around 8-9%, jumped to 37%, which is phenomenal.”

Hello Travel

“Automating our customer engagement workflow using Smartech’s intuitive platform resulted in real-time hyper personalisation of recommended packages which were sent to potential customers within 30 minutes of their visit/search on HelloTravel’s website.”