Discover everything you need to know about Smartech Push Amplification and how it can help you increase app push notification delivery rates up to 30%

Why does your push notification fail to deliver?

• Unreliable FCM & APNS gateways
  No guarantee of push notification delivery

• Chinese OEMs that are known to be notorious for blocking these messages
  They restrict background processes which leads to lower delivery rates

As a result, your average push notification delivery rate may hover around 60-65%, resulting in poor customer engagement and therefore, lower user retention rates.

You can solve this issue by getting Smartech Push Amplification. It can help you boost your delivery rates up to 30%.

How does Push Amplification work?

  • Smartech SDK generates a Unique ID for each user to directly deliver App Push Notifications.
  • With this unique ID, Smartech builds a back-up delivery gateway, other than the GCM/FCM & APNS.
  • With its pull-back mechanism, Smartech server triggers back all those undelivered APNs directly to the user’s smartphone.
  • Device battery consumption is less than 1%.

Benefits of using Smartech Push Amplification

  • Boost in push notification delivery rates by 30% across devices, thus leading to a rise in the number of Daily Active Users (DAU)
  • Increase in push notification delivery rates to all Android/iOS devices including Chinese OEMs.
  • Increase in final conversion rates, resulting in better ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need for Push Amplification?

Push amplification is technology used to improve/maximise deliverability of Push notifications on the end-user’s smartphone. It has been observed that certain OEMs restrict background processes related to certain apps so as to conserve battery life and processor bandwidth. As a result, push notification delivery is greatly hampered or are not delivered at all since the vital link between the push gateway (either GCM or FCM) and the smartphone device is severed. Push Amplification helps solve this problem.

Explain the Push Amplification functionality from SMARTECH’s POV

After seamless integration, every elaborate push notification campaign that you run for your app is pushed to your selected audiences from Smartech’s servers through either the GCM/FCM & APNS delivery gateways. Assuming you sent out a campaign to 100 tokens, and 60 of them got delivered. The remaining 40 undelivered tokens are stored on Smartech and to these tokens we deliver notifications via our pull-based gateway which directly delivers the notification to the user’s smartphone.

How do you track delivery of Notifications?

As soon as the notification is rendered on the screen of the user’s smartphone, the Smartech SDK detects it as delivered, and sends status to Smartech.

Can a user end up receiving the same notification twice?

This gets handled at the platform level where Smartech will ensure one user receives a particular notification only once.

Will all undelivered notifications get delivered at once?

No, since you have an option to select an expiry time for a particular campaign. That is “TTL – Time To Live” which allows you to set a time limit for a campaign.

What is the impact on End User’s device usability if the marketer enables Push Amplification as a feature?

Android and iOS both Operating Systems will end up consuming less than 1% of battery life since the pull-based mechanism is needed only at certain time intervals. We have tested this on all major devices and have found that it does not impact more than 1% battery life.

Will the notification from your gateway be delivered only when the app is running in the background?

Android: Notifications will get delivered even if the app is not running in the background.
iOS: Notifications will be delivered only when the user launches the app or starts a session.

How does your gateway manage to directly deliver to the device of the user?

Our SDK pulls the Notifications stored on the server and directly delivers it to the device of the user.

What improvement in Push notification delivery can I expect from enabling Push Amplification?

Android OS: Netcore’s Smartech Push Amplification feature will eventually help you boost campaign delivery rates and CTRs by almost 30%.

In what cases would Push Amplification not work?

If the app is ‘Force Closed’ from the ‘App Settings’, push notification delivery will be stopped as the OS itself kills all the foreground as well as background processes.

Push notifications will not be delivered if the user has disallowed for app notifications from the particular brand.

In case the user restarts the device and all the processes for each and every app get killed, delivery will get cancelled, until the user once again launches the brand’s app again. (Holds true for Chinese OEMs)

If the phone is on battery saver mode, the notification will not be delivered.

I have already integrated with a previous version Smartech SDK, what do I need to do to now enable Push Amp?

Simply re-integrate with the upgraded push amp supporting SDK (1.1.2), and toggle it on from the panel.

I am already using a partner to send out notifications, can I use 2 partners to send out notifications?

Yes, if it’s a Native app our SDK can easily coexist and you can send notifications from the same FCM account via 2 partners.

What is the success that you have seen with Push Amplification?

We have seen a 2X increase in the CTR’s from Notifications for a leading fashion brand. For a Leading travel brand we have seen a 1.8X increase in the Delivery rates post implementation of Push Amplification.

What are OEMs ?

Original Equipment Manufacturer