Smartech vs. Competition


Why are thousands of digital brands opting for Smartech over other marketing automation platforms?

It’s simple!

Smartech’s AI-powered analytics and engagement platform empowers marketers and product managers to elevate website and app conversions, one carefully acquired customer at a time.

“Interesting! So, what gives Smartech that massive edge?”, you ask…

Effortlessly Orchestrate Personalised Customer Journeys

Leverage the power of dynamic content to craft and automate customer journeys across multiple channels such as app push notifications, browser push notifications, emails, and SMS to maximise open rates and resulting conversions! Don’t just stop there. Exercise the option of easily uploading external data to trigger hyper-personalised messages to your contact list.

Allow AI to Optimise your Campaigns

With Smartech’s Content Optimisation, you put yourself in prime position to build multi-channel marketing campaigns that use high-conversion keywords, guaranteeing incredible open rates! While Send Time Optimisation enables you to deliver these campaigns to the right customers at the right time, all based on their carefully analysed historical behaviour.

Watch your App Push Notification Delivery Rates Skyrocket

Add more teeth to your App Push Notification campaigns by boosting delivery rates by up to 30% across devices with Smartech’s industry-leading Push Amplification feature! Get the most out of every campaign that you run by reaching out to a larger section of your relevant customer segments. Higher your recipients, higher your chances of conversions!

Harness Best-in-Class Marketing Consultancy

While the competition might struggle to troubleshoot your issues in a timely manner, Smartech empowers you with dedicated marketing consultants across India, Southeast Asia, and Africa to help you with KPI-driven consulting at every stage. From product training, onboarding, and integration to campaign optimisation, delivery, and deep-dive analysis, we provide consultancy to complement your evolving growth story.

Conversationalise your Customer Interactions

Add another dimension to your multi-channel customer interactions by employing Smartech Chatbots that rely on complex Machine Learning algorithms to deepen engagement levels. Humanising communication through conversational language will help you deliver more personalised and delightful customer experiences, on the back of intelligent marketing automation!

Don’t Break your Head Over Pricing!

As a marketer trying to combat competition, you want to employ platforms and tools with transparent pricing models without hidden costs. Correct? Smartech helps you opt for a robust enterprise plan based on your MAUs without warping your mind with “predictive pricing” models, allowing you to focus more on consultancy-backed marketing strategy!