Understanding Customer Journey Better with Advanced Cross-channel Funnel Analytics


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What its about?

Have you ever wanted to find out which customer touch point lead to the actual conversion or which online medium has outperformed others?

Understanding the customer journey, from consideration to conversion, is no mean feat. Funnel Analytics helps you identify the particular stages in the customer journey. Only if you know where your contacts engaged the most or where they dropped out of the funnel can you figure out the whys and the hows to fix the leakage, or put in extra effort.

The advanced Cross-channel Funnel Analytics allows marketers to look beyond the ‘last click attribution’ and to find out user interaction points leading up to final conversions, thus helping you understand the true worth of all your marketing efforts.

Listen this webinar with our subject-matter experts: Data scientist Parisa Rai, and Growth Hacker Siddhesh Rane, to explore the unmatched potential and possibilities of using an advanced cross channel funnel.

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • Introduction to Funnel Analytics
  • The need for and importance of understanding journeys through Advanced Funnel Analytics
  • How Advanced Funnel analytics can improve your understanding of Customer Journeys?
  • Most used Funnels in BFSI, Ecommerce & Travel industries