Rising cost of SMS eating into your marketing budget? Here’s a smart way out


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What its about?

The cost of SMS delivery has risen yet again in recent times. Are you going to let your marketing budget suffer its blows or are you going to something about it?

Due to rising cost of SMS, its use is getting restricted to high-priority msgs. For ‘creative’ and engaging marketing, you now have several other new-age options.

You can reduce your SMS marketing spends by up to 40% while creating better opportunities to drive up acquisitions as well as engagement. Do the smart thing – change with the times.

Listen to this Webinar with Niranjan Kanade, Chief Business Officer, Netcore Solutions, where he will talk about how you can maximise your campaign ROI without bleeding your budget.

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • How to optimize SMS spends up to 30-40%
  • How to improve efficiencies in SMS communication
  • The new age channels as an alternative to SMSes like Push Notifications, BPN’s, etc.
  • How AI/ML can further optimise your customer reach, engagement, and experience