Personalization Thursdays: Add Customer Delight to your E-Commerce Experience Cart!


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What the webinar is all about?

98% of visitors landing on an e-commerce website leave without making a purchase.
Alarming, right?

In today’s cross-device environment of limited attention spans and hyper-competition, your customers need, demand, and expect greater context and relevance. This is exactly why delivering highly personalized customer experiences, tailor-made at an individual level, becomes the key to higher conversions and retention.

This becomes even more important for e-commerce brands that need to direct first-time and repeat customers to what they want, faster. With the use of AI, you can now accurately predict what a customer is likely to click, add to cart, or purchase.

Ready to script a new chapter in your business’ growth story with the power of personalization?

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

  • Understand the biggest conversion pain-points that e-commerce brands have to combat
  • Learn how the Smartech Personalization Module can help you individualize the entire customer journey across your website or mobile app, to increase conversion rates by 8-13%
  • Recognize how patented AI-based models that use customer eyeball data can help you deliver 20% better behavioral predictions
  • Identify how personalized product recommendations and customized boutiques can boost marketing ROI by 16X
  • Learn how you can kickstart your personalization strategy for your website or mobile app with the Smartech Personalization Module, in less than 15 minutes