How has Browser Push Notification grown as channel, and how to make the most of it?


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What its about?

Browser Push Notification (BPN) became 2017’s most rapidly adopted channel and in 2018, it continues to evolve and grow. It has proven itself to be one of the most sustainable channels by fetching 30-40% ROI for almost all business verticals.

The point that needs marketers’ attention is that BPNs are not merely for broadcast campaigns. It has several impressive features such as large images, interactive buttons, audio & video in notifications, and the personalisation capabilities, making BPN a more powerful and richer channel than ever.

You can take your customer retargeting and engagement to a completely new level with BPNs. This webinar will tell you exactly how.

Listen to this Webinar by Gaurav Shitak, Associate VP – Digital Marketing, Sharekhan, who along with Atul Shinde, Netcore’s Sr. Customer Success Manager & Marketing Technologist, will discuss in detail Netcore’s Industry Report on Browser Push Notifications (BPN), along with an extremely insightful case study on how Sharekhan leverages BPNs for hyper-personalisation!

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • Ease of decision making process with AI & ML
  • How AI/ML can impact Opportunity Identification, Objective & Planning, Execution and Analysis
  • Improving Conversions and Reducing Cost using AI/ML
  • Industry use cases of AI in Campaign Management