How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionising Campaign Management


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What its about?

Today’s conversational commerce requires brands to provide immediate answers to their customers’ questions. Artificial intelligence & Machine learning are fast becoming critical tools to drive engagement, bringing speed and scale that ensures a superior experience.

The power of AI, big data and efficient analytics combined inspires a whole new wave of intelligent automation that the human race is just beginning to tap into. Campaign Management is one of the many fields that this wave is disrupting. Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling marketers to focus on creating truly personal, relevant connections with engaged customers and leverage insights in real time.

Listen to this on-demand webinar with our VP – Product Management, Sagar Patil, to explore how AI will change the future of marketing campaign management.

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • Ease of decision making process with AI & ML
  • How AI/ML can impact Opportunity Identification, Objective & Planning, Execution and Analysis
  • Improving Conversions and Reducing Cost using AI/ML
  • Industry use cases of AI in Campaign Management