Personalization Thursdays: Deliver 20% Better Binge Recommendations to your Media/OTT Users


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What the webinar is all about?

The average media OTT viewer spends ~75 mins/day across ~2.5 platforms on a single day. In fact, consumption frequency stands at ~12.5 times a week!

Set in this backdrop of intense competition, media OTT players have an uphill task acquiring, engaging, and retaining users; while converting freemium users into paid subscribers.

A key strategy to building stickiness across both your website and mobile app platforms is by personalizing the entire customer experience – end to end.

Offering AI-powered content recommendations in real-time based on your users’ preferred genres, favorite artists, and live viewing/listening behaviour is a sure-shot way to increase content consumption, average session lengths, and retention.

Wouldn’t it be great to personalize user experiences that help you convert, retain, and grow your media OTT platform, as AI does all the heavylifting?

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

  • Understand the key challenges that media OTT platforms deal with in order to achieve scale
  • Learn how the Smartech Personalization Module can help you customize the entire customer journey across your media OTT website or mobile app, to increase conversion rates by 8-13%
  • Recognize how patented AI-based models that use customer eyeball data can help you make 20% better user behavior predictions to move the needle on the KPIs that matter the most
  • Identify how tailor-made content recommendations across the user lifecycle can boost marketing ROI by 10X
  • Learn how you can start your personalization journey for your media OTT website or mobile app with the Smartech Personalization Module, in less than 15 minutes