Boost your Ecommerce ROI with Data-driven Cross-sell & Up-sell


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What its about?

The research from the book Marketing Metrics which suggests the likelihood of selling to a new customer is between 5 and 20%, while the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is an impressive 60 to 70%.

Every e-commerce merchant in the world understands the importance of up-selling and cross-selling, but few have executed effective strategies in this arena. Today, the internet has revolutionized how companies target buyers and drive sales. The most successful businesses have increased their e-commerce sales by targeting an individual’s specific preferences and needs through a rich, 360-view customer data. Data-driven Analytics can tremendously help in assessing the buys that have happened and the trends associated with the purchases of a customer, thus provides you data insights are actioned.

Listen to this on-demand webinar with our subject matter expert, Parisa Rai, Data Scientist – Netcore to explore how data-driven analytics can help e-commerce businesses to target an individual’s specific preferences and needs to drive cross-sell, upsell and ultimately a better ROI by optimising your marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • Identifying the right product to cross-sell & up-sell
  • The right stages to sell in the customer’s journey
  • How sensitive is time when you have to cross-sell
  • How to measure the incremental ROI from your cross-sell & up-sell campaigns