4 R’s of AI Marketing to Boost Your Web & App Conversions by 5x


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What its about?

“AI” is the buzzword of the decade for good reason. It’s transforming every industry and the innovation it enables will only accelerate…specially in Marketing! Many today view AI as a black box, with even the most cutting-edge marketers uncertain about how to apply it to their strategies.

In last 2 decades we have seen the very shifts in technologies and human behaviours. Whether it is Artificial intelligence or Human Intelligence, when it comes to effective marketing, we prefer to stick to the core fundamentals or the first principles as we may call it, i.e. the 4 R’s:

Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time and through the Right Channel.

Today, with Smartech, we provide you just the right set of features to address these key aspects of marketing using analytics and AI/ML models which will help you deliver compelling customer experiences with 1:1 personalisation that push customers through the purchase funnel, and do so at meaningful scale!

Listen to this on-demand webinar with our Product Architect, Kedar Parikh & our Sr Growth Marketer & Product Evangelist, Pradyut Hande to help you understand and dig deep into each of these principles with right set of features using Smartech.

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • The 4 R’s in AI Marketing and how these 4 R’s are re-shaping the context of personalisation
  • How a perfect AI toolkit will help you get 5x increase in your Web & App conversions
  • Smartech’s features that provide the best fit in order to address these principles at scale
  • Relevant use cases & success Stories of brands