2 Bulletproof Hacks to Increase App DAUs & Boost Push Notification Delivery by 20%


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What its about?

The challenge for mobile marketers today is two-fold:

  • Creating personalised, relevant, and timely communication using push notifications as an effective campaign channel
  • Ensuring these carefully crafted campaigns actually reach the largest possible target audience.

While actionable analytics can provide marketers with user behaviour-level insights, the power of AI and Machine Learning build on these to help hit upon the right messages to be sent to the right users at just the right time, with the objective of boosting conversions, engagement, and retention.

Once marketers optimise their push notification campaigns for content and send times, they can boost delivery rates across both Android and iOS devices by up to 20% and can increase CTR by 20-30% using Smartech’s industry-leading feature, Push Amplification.

Listen to Pradyut Hande, Sr Growth Marketer & Product Evangelist, Smartech, for some valuable tips on push notifications, which will help set you on the road to keeping your users actively engaged with your app for the long haul.


Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • Learn how Mobile marketers can leverage Machine Learning to optimise their push notification campaigns and drive better conversions
  • Understand why push notification delivery is a massive challenge across devices
  • Find out how Smartech ensures higher push notification delivery rates through Push Amplification
  • How is a leading fashion brand app elevating DAUs by almost 2X and how is a leading travel app increasing CTRs on push notifications by over 60%?