Client Testimonial – Rajat Gupta, General Manager – Growth Marketing, Times Internet

How Smartech’s seamless multi-channel integration and actionable insights helped them increase customer retention by 30%.

Mastering Martech: 5 Hacks to Boost Conversions Using In-App Messages

Here’s the third edition of Mastering Martech, which is aimed at empowering you with knowledge about the latest advancements in the marketing technology space. Watch Pradyut Hande (Senior Growth Marketer & Product Evangelist @Netcore Smartech talk about 5 key hacks to boost your app conversions using in-app messages.

How can Smartech Help you Increase Conversions & CTR Using Machine Learning

Smartech’s Machine Learning based features – Send Time Optimisation & Subject Line Optimisation can boost your conversion and click rates almost magically.

Mastering Martech – How to boost conversions from Mobile Notifications, by Avadhoot Revankar

Watch Avadhoot Revankar, Chief Growth Hacker @ Netcore simplify the formulae to get great ROI on App Push Notifications.


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