13 Reasons WHY… your Mobile Marketing success depends on App Push Notifications

Watch this short video on 13 Reasons WHY… your Mobile Marketing success depends on App Push Notifications!

5 Push Notification Campaigns to Leverage the Valentine’s Week Fervor

Here are 5 ideas for you to boost user engagement and drive revenues

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A Beginner’s Guide to Boosting  Mobile Conversions With Personalised Push Notifications

Personalised Push Notifications can help mobile marketers improve open rates by 4X, app retention rates by 7X and boost user engagement by 80%!

Walk The Talk with Devang Sampat, Director – Strategic Initiatives, Cinepolis India

Watch the video how Smartech helped Cinepolis India achieve 87% response rate for their marketing campaigns across email, SMS and voice channels.

How can Product Managers Increase App Engagement | Smartech

Identify behavioural patterns with Funnel Analytics, Cohorts, and Flows. Boost delivery rates by 30% and send relevant notifications.

Boost User Engagement for your Media OTT App

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Sarovar Chandra, Director – Product Management, Pharmeasy talks about product mgmt to drive business outcomes

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Maximise Retention Rates with Mobile App Analytics & Engagement

Smartech offers Mobile App Analytics & Engagement on a single platform, thus helps marketers & product managers improve their mobile app retention and conversion rates.


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