Netcore Smartech’s AI-powered Website Personalization & Product Recommendations Help Top Indian Fast Fashion Brand Boost E-Commerce Revenues by 13.7% & Conversion Rate by 13.4%


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Key Results


Increased E-Commerce Website Revenues


Increased Conversion Rate (i.e. overall purchase)


Increased Add-to-Cart Rate


Increased customer engagement (product views)


  • High drop-offs due to inaccurate product recommendations
  • Availability of wide range of products in their catalogue made product discovery a challenge
  • Inability to provide 1:1 product recommendations based on what customer is likely to buy
  • Lack of personalized recommendations hampered the checkout of products already added to the cart

Smartech's Strategy

Netcore Smartech’s AI-led product recommendation strategy helped the top Indian fast fashion e-commerce brand by:

  • Netcore Smartech’s AI engine, Raman, predicts products that every customer is most likely to purchase & provides personalized product recommendations
  • Designing and deploying personalized product recommendation widgets across all stages of the customer journey on the website