Netcore Smartech Powers 29% Uplift in Website Leads Generated for Tally


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Key Results


Improvement in conversion of returning users to leads.


Proportion of users who purchased the software by clicking on the web message.


  • Absence of an intelligent website engagement solution that would help increase lead generation through sign-ups for a free trial.
  • High drop-off rate attributed to website visitors who would not opt for the 7-day trial due to lack of timely automated website engagement.

Netcore Smartech Strategy

With the help of Netcore Smartech’s web engagement module, Tally was able to:

  • Trigger a contextual web message to engage with visitors who performed certain actions on the website.
  • Target relevant website visitors on specific pages that they were browsing, nudging them to sign-up for the free trial.
  • Increase probability of converting returning users into leads that could be nurtured into paying customers post the trial.