Taj Spice – Hyper Personalised Customer Engagement with Data Driven Marketing Automation


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Key Results

15 Lakh+

An email IDs received the Newsletter with an open email rate of over 8% and clicked rate of over 0.53% was witnessed in this case under
Spice Non-loyalty segment


Valid and unique member IDs received the Hyper-personalised emails. Resulted in open rate of 7.7% with an incremental response to offer uptake at 12.10% was witnessed here under Loyalty segment (Inner Circle Members)


New members transacted, hitting an average of 3.76 transactions/per responder


Taj wanted to approach their customers in a very personalized way to re-sell, cross-sell and up-sell the ‘Dining Properties’ of Taj. There were many challenges to perform these hyper personalized communications.

  • Data was assorted and in silos; Taj had over 21 lakhs of legacy data.
  • Correct use of this data using the right technology for seamless execution and to deliver ultimate customer experience.

Netcore Strategy

  • Our experts bifurcated the information into two lists:
    • Loyalty members – Taj Inner Circle (TIC)
    • Non-members of TIC
  • We articulated an idea around “offers” and a customised set of special offers planned to render to these lists, as a part of the Spice newsletter.
  • Grouped these offers together basis the customer’s city. Each offer would have dynamic Image, Restaurant Name, and other restaurant details to create an impact.
  • In short to target right customer at right time and right location with impactful and right offer.