Swiggy’s Email Marketing Campaign Sets a New Record with 7% CTR on a User base of Millions


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Key Results


Increase in unique open rates with deliverability services


Increase in unique click rates with deliverability services


Overall Inbox deliverability rate with AI based email delivery


Email has always played a major role in growing Swiggy’s business and reaching out to a significant part of the consumer base. As their email list was growing quickly, they were facing a lot of issues with their email deliverability. Swiggy was in need of an advanced email marketing platform which would help them have more control over email deliverability.

Smartech's Strategy

Netcore’s Smartech helped Swiggy achieve 95% primary inboxing using the following

  • AI-based Delivery
  • Expert consultation to achieve primary inbox delivery
  • Data segmentation and In-depth data analysis to share insights about campaign deployment