How Smartech's Advanced Personalisation Solution Helped Spencer's Retail Increase Website Conversions by 7%


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Key Results


Increase in ROI


Rise in incremental views


Uplift in incremental conversions


  • Inability to convert website visitors into purchasing customers despite high traffic
  • Lack of predictive recommendations based on historical and real-time customer behaviour
  • Inability to shorten the path to conversion – to move customers from search to purchase

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered personalisation and recommendation solution allowed Spencer’s Retail to:

  • Lay the foundation for 1:1 personalisation using the clickstream data and current context of every website visitor
  • Direct traffic to customised “Picked Just for You” landing pages that showed personalised product recommendations via banners on the Home Page
  • Further hyper-personalise product recommendations, through a widget on the main product page, based on recent customer behaviour