SBI MF Improved Online Sales by 54% using Cross-channel Marketing Automation


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Key Results


open rate and 1.15% click rate were achieved in the email campaign


Listeners opted for a call back out of total OBDs performed


Impressions with CTR of 1.38% observed using Facebook Custom Audience


Using Cross-channel Marketing Automation


  • Offline & online channels were being utilised in silos, lead to countless man hours in analysing them later.
  • Call centre team had less visibility on prioritising customers who showed average response on DAF fund due to no lead scoring availability.
  • Many customers contained wrong or no mobile numbers thus creating limited channels of communication.

Netcore’s Strategy

  • We unified all the channels and did campaigns as per user’s response – targeting the right user, at the right time and on the right channel.
  • The channels used Email, SMS, Voice and Facebook Custom Audience basis users’ response.
  • Enhanced content using personalisation, A/B testing to gauge the better content and live ticker to trigger urgency.
  • Easy CTA in email using ‘click to call’ to share their intent to receive a consultants’ call
  • Lead scoring based on the contact activity, which further helped the call centre team to prioritise their calling activity.