Quickteller Improves Engagement and Conversion by 66% with Netcore’s Smartech


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Key Results


Automated Campaigns Boosted Response of Email Campaigns from 0.75% to 1.25%


Improvement in email response through automated, triggered campaigns


Dormant users reactivated


Email Delivery rates improved from 92.4% to 99.7%


  • Reduced Engagement after interest or 1st transaction
    Quickteller has a compelling platform, but they could not get their customer to convert, and those that did would not come back without the right nudges.
  • Lack of Automation
    Quickteller had no way to automate communication based on the customer’s interest and keep them coming back.

Netcore’s Strategy

Netcore deployed their Smartech marketing automation suite in 3 keys areas:

  • On the Wesbite
    to understand what parts of the website were of interest to the user.
  • An intelligent email marketing tool
    This helped Quickteller engage their user base with timely and targeted and customized communication.
  • Automation and reminders
    This helped Quickteller engage with the user base promptly based their interest and behavior and incorporate follow-up and reminder campaigns.