How Smartech’s AI-led Omnichannel Personalization & Marketing Automation Suite Contributed to 18% of Qtrove’s Revenues


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Key Results


Overall revenue contribution of Smartech over 90 days


Revenue contribution of intelligent customer engagement through Smartech over 90 days


Revenue contribution of 1:1 AI-led web personalization through Smartech over 90 days


  • Low conversions (in terms of completed purchases) across their e-commerce website
  • Inability to get existing customers to return to the e-commerce platform to make repeat purchases
  • Low revenue generation and CLTV in the absence of an omnichannel personalization and marketing automation solution

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered omnichannel personalization and marketing automation suite empowered Qtrove to:

  • Understand the past and live individual customer behavior across their website and marketing channels through advanced analytics
  • Increase conversions through AI-led personalized product recommendations on the website that were relevant and contextual to unique customers
  • Orchestrate automated customer journeys with relevant product recommendations – across marketing channels such as email – to bring them back to the website