How PNB MetLife Increased Monthly Lead Generation by 3.2% with Smartech’s Web Engagement Suite


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Key Results

(*over a span of 5 months)


Total Number of Leads Collected


Total Number of Interested or Qualified Leads


Percentage of Interested or Qualified Leads (out of Total Number of Leads Collected)


  • Despite getting ~5.5 lakh website visits/month on their website, percentage of leads generated per month was lower than expected
  • Due to low number of leads collected, the rate of converting prospects into leads and leads into policy-purchasers needed improvement

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation suite empowered PNB MetLife to:

  • Successfully deploy a custom form-based web message on the Homepage and high-conversion blog pages to collect lead contact details
  • Trigger this web message after visitors had spent at least 15 seconds on key webpages
  • Increase both the total number of leads collected and number of interested leads. This increased the overall conversion rate, bringing in new policy-purchasing customers