Leading Nigerian Ecommerce Website deploys AI-based Send Time Optimisation to Improve Email Experience and Response rates by 100%


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Key Results


AI-Based Sendtime Optimisation resulted in emails performing twice as well as earlier


Usage – The enhanced response rate to emails ensured a doubling of usage

Over 90%

Inboxing improved to over 90% across email platforms


Emails are one of the most important channels to deliver deals and coupons for the client. However, the channel performance had deteriorated over time. This meant fewer deals and vouchers were getting redeemed and this directly affected the client’s bottom line. Both inboxing and overall response to emails was a problem.

Smartech's Strategy

Netcore’s team solved this problem on 2 fronts.

  • AI-Based Send Time Optimisation – First, they intro AI based send-time optimisation. To find what was the right time to deliver email communications to each user.
  • Creative Insights – Team Netcore’s Smartech also provided the client with creative inputs on how to improve email inboxing and open rates.