How Smartech Helped MetroDeal Skyrocket ROI by 10X in a Single Quarter


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Key Results


Primary Email Inboxing Rate


Increase in ROI in Q2, 2019-20


Increase in App Push Notification CTR


Increase in Revenue


  • Low primary email inboxing rate that negatively impacted marketing ROI through email as a high-reliance channel of customer engagement
  • Inability to engage with anonymous website visitors in the most personalised, relevant, and timely manner possible
  • Lack of a data-driven remarketing strategy to effectively target customer segments that drop-off at various stages of the buyer journey
  • Unsatisfactory marketing ROI through app push notifications that resulted in falling user engagement and conversions

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered cross-channel marketing automation suite empowered MetroDeal to:

  • Improve domain reputation through expert consultancy and best practices to scale higher primary email inboxing rates
  • Create automated cross-channel behaviour-driven customer journeys to reduce drop-offs and improve conversions
  • Effectively leverage timely web push notifications to engage with anonymous visitors in real-time
  • Ramp up user engagement and monetisation through contextual app push notifications targeted at relevant user segments