Magzter Optimizes Email Marketing Program & increases users engagement by a whopping 65%


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Key Results


Increased engagement


Reachability scale


  • Magzter has a huge subscriber base and has subscribers from all over the globe.
  • While trying to target the complete base, it used to generate spam complaints leading to an impact on the domain, performance, and scale. 
  • As a result, the regular campaigns were restricted only to the active customer base leading to a huge potential base being missed out.

Netcore Smartech Strategy

With our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, we devised methods to:

    • Analyze the complete customer base
    • Split the complete data with a predictive model using the past channel behavior
    • And create multiple buckets of users segments by scoring them on the probability of their likelihood of engagement 
    • We then devised tailored offers & campaigns for these segments.