Aku Pintar


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Key Results


Conversion Rate of Student Loan Applications Successfully Completed


Increase in App Push Notification Delivery Rates (based on industry standards)


  • Below expectation app user engagement to increase lead generation (in terms of completed student loan applications) from the target user base
  • Heavy reliance on manual intervention to drive multiple retargeting campaigns, in the absence of an intelligent marketing automation solution

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation suite empowered Aku Pintar to:

  • Accurately capture key user events on their app – University Search, Counselling Course Sign-ups, Student Loan Applications, etc. – through app tracking
  • Build and automate triggered app push notification campaigns to remind relevant user segments to complete their student loan applications; based on these specific app events
  • Increase push notification delivery rates based on the intelligent app push notification journey parameters set