How Indonesia’s Leading Auto Finance Company Boosted Lead Generation by 147% with Smartech’s Web Engagement Suite


Key Results


Increase in Website Lead Generation (over 1 month)


Conversion Rate (of web visitors submitting their contact details through deployed web pop-ups)


  • Inability to accurately re-target anonymous website visitors in the absence of an automated lead capturing strategy
  • High bounce rate in terms of customers exiting the website form without completing and submitting it
  • Below expectation lead generation, in terms of loan applications, and resulting revenue through website engagement

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation suite empowered Bussan Auto Finance to:

  • Accurately capture all user activity across their website for complete clarity on actions and inactions at an individual level
  • Easily deploy a web pop-up campaign that was triggered after a specific time interval when first-time visitors landed on the website
  • Increase number of leads captured for loan applications – through the form displayed in the web pop-up – that were later contacted by their team