Thomas Cook’s Push Notification Delivery Rate Increases by 44%, Campaign Revenues by 2.5X


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Key Results


Increase in campaign revenue


Reduction in Cost of Acquisition (CAC)


Growth in Lead Generation


Increase in Push Notification Delivery Rate


Increase in CTR on Push Notifications


  • The follow-up cost for the leads generated was very high due to the dependency on call-centre personnel
  • Anonymous visitors were not being leveraged and targeted
  • Low customer engagement
  • Low CLV because of insufficient efforts in cross-selling and upselling
  • Lacking in Unified View of Customer, which is responsible for low customer engagement
  • Low rates of Push Notification Delivery

What Smartech did

At Smartech, we devised a strategy beginning with the integration of the customer data from the brand’s Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), web, app, and customer analytics. It helped arrive at a unified view of the customer. Web and app integrations tracked the browsing pattern of the user while additional data points were obtained from the CRM as updated by the brand’s customer support team after interactions with the customers.

How we optimized Marketing Automation on Smartech:

  • Based on an in-depth understanding of the customer’s journey – across the entire range of pre-purchase, purchase, post-purchase, and retention stages – innovative campaigns were launched to deliver on different strategies, with an aim to increase the customer life time value and to enhance the user experience.
  • Warm-up of email was done for a span of 1 month which ensured 95% Gmail inboxing.
  • Creatives for email, SMS, BPN, web message were discussed and best practices were applied to make the creatives more appealing and engaging.
  • The consumers of the Thomas Cook were a part of both, the offline (call center/branches) as well as the online (web/app) channels. The data from both these channels was then integrated into Smartech. Automation flows’ logic which included wait time, medium, content was derived. These flows were then made live on the panel by Smartech support team. The integration was seamless and coherent across multiple sources of data and platforms.