How Wakanow achieved 6% Conversion Rate using Browser Push Notifications


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Key Results


increase in token ids


BPN click rate


conversion from BPN clicks


  • Wakanow was losing out on potential business opportunity due to high user bounce rate at the very early stage on their website. It was observed that the users were dropping before discovering the full suite of offers or completing a transaction.
  • How to get these users (offline users) back to the Wakanow website to reconsider the products or complete the transaction was the major challenge.

Smartech’s Strategy

  • To target the dropped users, we implemented Data Driven Browser Notifications on the Wakanow Website – where users had to first opt-in for these notification from Wakanow.
  • Once the users had opted-in, we set up a hygiene message – “Thank You” through BPN with the link of the ‘Newsletter subscription’ Page of Wakanow. This helped in further growing the newsletter database.
  • Over the period, once the opted BPN database increased, we started targeting these users with Broadcast BPNs promoting deals & offers.
  • Experimented with powerful content, design formats and also used deep links for CTAs for maximum conversion opportunities