How Kotak Securities activated 50% of their user base and 71% of them traded?


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Key Results


Increase in Open Rate, CTOR increased by 28% (Email Broadcast)


Increase in Open Rate, CTOR increased by 8% (Automated Emails)


Automated SMS CTR


Traded, 50% user base activated


The primary focus was to engage users for activating their trading account and trade.

  • Low CLV because of lack of drip marketing program: Better and customized customer connect
  • Manual Intervention: Reducing manual dependency and adopting smarter machine learning based way of communication
  • Maximize Activations: Setting a smooth, hindrance free automated way of communicating the customers to activate their trading account
  • Low customer engagement

What Netcore's Smartech did

Kotak Securities’ earlier customer trading journey started with lead capturing followed by sharing the data with the call center team for conversion.

With Smartech we formed a 30 days CLC (Customer Life Cycle) to ensure smooth onboarding of customers; we then guided the customers on how to activate and trade, followed by soft cross selling. The communications were sent to the customers through Email and SMS channels. Smartech also created automated communication for ‘Relationship Managers’ (RM) to intimate them about their customers who have not activated or started trading even after 30 days CLC.