How India’s Leading Under-Fashion Brand Increased Website Conversions by 200% with Smartech’s Personalised Boutiques


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Key Results


Increase in website conversions


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Uplift in ROI


  • Inability to convert website visitors into purchasing customers despite high traffic
  • Lack of personalised product recommendations at an individual customer level
  • Inability to predict what products to target which customers with, based on behavioural data

Smartech’s Strategy

Smartech’s AI-powered personalisation and recommendation solution allowed Clovia to:

  • Lay the foundation for 1:1 personalisation using the clickstream data and current context of every website visitor
  • Accurately predict the next digital action of individual visitors based on their navigation and behaviour on the website
  • Drive conversions by creating a “Picked Just for You” personalised boutique that displayed recommended products individual visitors were most likely to purchase