Green Light Planet – Jagmag Utsav A Mobile Marketing Campaign


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Key Results

14 lacs

consumers engaged


missed calls


hot leads generated


hike in sales figure compared to the previous year


  • The aim was to educate rural households about the importance of using high-quality solar products over inferior ones.
  • Media reach was the major problem for targeting families living in media dark rural areas.

Smartech’s Strategy

Campaign was divided into 3 phases:

  • Build up
    Mobile was used in each phase to create mass awareness, build engagement & augment media to take the brand closer to the consumer in turn impacting sales.
  • Launch
    We leveraged telecom intelligence to geo-target in 304 critical BTL activation spots. Next, we integrated a toll-free missed call number to create excitement within consumers via a contest.
  • Follow-up
    At the end, we also build mobile audio stories to build deeper engagement.