Smartech’s AI-led 1:1 Product Recommendations Help Top European Watchmaker Increase E-Commerce Conversions by 16%


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Key Results

(via Personalized Widgets)


Increase in overall website conversions


Increase in CTRs on the Home Page


Increase in CTRs on the Product Display Page


Increase in CTRs on the Product Listing Page


Increase in CTRs on the Personalized Boutique Page


Decrease in Bounce Rate (via web pop-ups)


  • Customers struggled to discover products that were most relevant to their tastes and preferences
  • Failure in relevant product discovery increased the drop-off rate on the website and resulted in low conversion rates
  • Absence of 1:1 product recommendations to personalize the e-shopping experience and encourage customers to purchase again

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Smartech’s AI-led product recommendations helped the brand by:

  • Providing relevant 1:1 product recommendations on different pages to drive customers towards purchase, with the help of our AI engine, Raman
  • Designing & deploying personalized product recommendation widgets – powered by User Affinity models on the Home Page
  • Using de-duplicate rules across the website to ensure that the same product wouldn’t be displayed multiple times on a page
  • Creating a Personalized Boutique Page curated with only those products that individual customers are most likely to click on or purchase