BPI-Philam achieves 200% uplift in unique email open rates & 15x improvement in clicks


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Key Results


Improvement in clicks.


Uplift in open rates.


  • BPI-Philam’s marketing team was in search of innovative ways to improve their email engagement.
  • It was observed that personalized emails received better engagement compared to generic ones.
  • The team was focused on building the right attributes in order to properly tag the characteristics of its customers.

Netcore Smartech Strategy

BPI-Philam and Netcore worked together to identify and improve customer engagement

  • Worked on a strategy to increase customer engagement with the  brand.
  • Performed thorough segmentation of the email lists to ensure relevant and contextual content was sent out to the appropriate audience. 
  • We leveraged the Recency-Frequency-Monetary methodology which helps identify how recently a user interacted with an email, how often they engage, and the monetary value of the individual user to determine which segments each user must be categorized in.