Religare Health uses Smartech to boost policy renewal stats, resulting in nearly 9.5% preponed payment


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Key Results


Preponed payments for policy renewal


Open rate and 6.50% Click rates for email creatives


Click rates using Vernacular SMS


Click rate on Browser Push Notifications


Substantial manual intervention was required resulting in loss of precious time and effort for the following:

  • Repeated phase wise reminders
  • Repeated channel based reminders (Email, SMS) to improve touch points
  • Checking if the renewal had been done and accordingly closing the targeting process for that user
  • Personalizing communication for both Email & SMS. Additionally, the above had to be managed across different product lines

What Smartech did

To assist Religare in its endeavour to:

  1. Boost renewals time over time
  2. Shorten the renewal window
  3. Boost efficiency and effectiveness of the whole process.

Smartech helped Religare to fully automate the renewal process with phase wise, timely, multi-channel personalisation; which targets and retargets customers for policy renewals which helps in saving time and effort, leaving zero scope for error.

  • A segment was created for users whose policy was about to expire. Users would keep falling in this segment depending on their renewal dates.
  • An automated workflow based on logic adhering to time, channel, product and renewal done/renewal not done was activated.
  • Based on the logic, personalized emails and SMS’s were sent in a phased manner to the target audience.