Personalization Playbook : Redefining Digital Transformation in the Banking & Financial Services Industry (BFSI)


Why do you need this ebook?

73% of banking customers would be more excited if Google/Apple/Facebook/Amazon offered them financial services. The BFSI sector is being leapfrogged by these tech giants who have put personalization at the centre of their business models.

BFSI brands too can deliver meaningful and powerful personalized customer experiences at scale by maximising use of their existing customer data and omnichannel interactions.

Embracing the ‘Flywheel – Omnichannel’ mindset will help them set the tone for 1:1 personalization. 


Data-driven Personalization = Satisfied and Loyal Customers = Customer Retention


Key Takeaways

  1. Learn how a ‘Flywheel – Omnichannel’ mindset can redefine customer-bank relationships
  2. Understand how you can use Omnichannel Personalization to increase your revenues by 10-13%
  3. Get a detailed understanding (with use cases) on how you can deliver 1:1 personalized customer experiences
  4. Understand how you can dynamically personalize your website to reduce bounce rates by 20-22%
  5. Identify how you can bank on Omnichannel Personalization to create a competitive advantage