Key Mobile App Metrics: A Handbook to Help You Become a Mobile Marketing Ninja

Become a mobile marketing ninja by mastering how to measure, track, and gauge these key mobile app metrics at different app user lifecycle stages.


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Why do you need this Ebook?

As a data-driven mobile marketer you need to make continuous improvements to your mobile marketing strategy, leveraging all the user-specific data at your disposal. And, to achieve success you’ve to decide what metrics to track and take key actions on to improve those numbers.

Key Takeaways:

  • 4 Mobile App Metrics to Track Across Each User Life Cycle:
    What are the definitive metrics to measure the growth of your mobile app performance across user acquisition, activation, engagement, and retention?
  • Retention Metrics Best Practices:
    How do you formulate a retention tactic and why do retention metrics matter the most? What are the best ways to track these metrics?
  • Smart Tips, from the Smartech Growth Experts:
    What more can you do to elevate these key mobile app metrics?