B2C Marketing Automation Report India 2017

The report is produced by Research NXT in association with Netcore


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Why do you need this Ebook?

As India is rapidly evolving in terms of Marketing Automation Solution (MAS) providers, B2C Marketers, specifically, are tapping into the power of automation to create new efficiencies and optimise their communication efforts to focus on their consumers. Digging into this report will equip you to make the most informed decisions while evaluating and implementing Marketing Automation Solution (MAS) and will give you a clear, data-backed picture of how have Indian marketers currently adopted MAS, defined the ROI parameters and identified challenges as well as benefits while implementing MAS.

Key Takeaways:

  • Which type of marketing automation solution is most preferred: cloud-based or in-house?
  • What is the current state of MAS adoption in the Indian B2C Market?
  • How are marketers assigning their budgets when it comes to marketing automation
  • What according to marketers, are the most crucial channels and features of their MAS mix?
  • What are the most common barriers that are holding back marketers from implementing MAS?
  • Are marketers considering MAS as part of their marketing strategy?