Personalization Playbook: The E-Commerce Marketer’s Guide to Deep Personalization

This ebook serves as a comprehensive guide to understand the need for personalization and ways to implement personalization across the website.

How to Woo Today’s Traveller – The Complete Guide to Marketing Automation for The Travel Industry

This guide serves as a go-to resource for understanding the user lifecycle of an OTA customer

The Ultimate Guide to 10X your Sales this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This guide arms you with everything you need to focus for the days leading up to BFCM 2019.

How Online Retailers can turn New Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Why do you need this ebook? No matter how finicky today’s online shoppers have become due to the breakneck competition, 90% of them consider themse...

The Definitive Guide to Mobile App User Retention

This guide to mobile app retention helps you to dramatically improve those numbers for your mobile app.

9 Common Mistakes You Make While Sending Push Notifications & How to Fix Them!

This is the “Age of the Customer” and empowered customers have disrupted the way products are marketed.

Key Mobile App Metrics: A Handbook to Help You Become a Mobile Marketing Ninja

As a data-driven mobile marketer you need to make continuous improvements to your mobile marketing strategy

The Bucket List: Martech Trends for 2019

9 Purely Marketing Technology Trends That Will Shape Your Marketing Strategy This Year!

8 Marketing Automation Success Stories of Leading Brands

Marketing Automation helped leading players across the Insurance, BFSI, Entertainment, and Travel industry


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