Personalization Playbook: Delight OTT Users With AI-led Content Personalization and Recommendations

Learn how you can use AI to recommend the most relevant content to unique users, consistently

Personalization Playbook: How to Keep Your News & Media Readers Hooked With Relevant Content Recommendations

Leverage the power of AI-led personalization to get your readers to consume more content

CMO’s Handbook to Navigate through the Pandemic

Key highlights of the e-book: Managing vs Leading during the crisis, Making the most of the shrunken marketing budget, Planning the present and future marketing strategy…

Personalization Playbook : Redefining Digital Transformation in the Banking & Financial Services Industry (BFSI)

Learn how 1:1 Website Personalization can help BFSI brands increase their revenue by 10-13%

Personalization Playbook: Reimagining Offline-to-Online Retail With D2C E-Commerce

Learn how D2C brands can use 1:1 Personalization online to complement offline retail in a post COVID-19 world.

Crisis Conversations: Marketing Leaders Reflect On The New World Order

This world is a new one. With a new order for existence, work, and also marketing. Here are a few chosen…

The Post COVID-19 Marketing Playbook

10 Post-Lockdown Marketing Plays To Get You Back On The Growth Track

Personalization Playbook: The E-Commerce Marketer’s Guide to Deep Personalization

This ebook serves as a comprehensive guide to understand the need for personalization and ways to implement personalization across the website.

How to Woo Today’s Traveller – The Complete Guide to Marketing Automation for The Travel Industry

This guide serves as a go-to resource for understanding the user lifecycle of an OTA customer


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