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Our ingenious, data-driven, and analytical AI engine.

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Raman helps you do more than just automation;

He helps you uncover hidden truths to improve your marketing.

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Knowledgeis power

Raman informs you if it's business as usual or if there are pressing metrics that need your immediate attention

Raman's Diagnostic Insights

Find answerswith AI

Say goodbye to speculations as Raman gives you the exact reason for a dip in retention or revenue, in real-time

Raman's Prescriptive Insights

Know yournext move

Raman hands you the power to see things that could go wrong & presents the best preventive actions to avoid them

Trusted by marketers at 5000+ brands

Using AI-based delivery, Netcore helped us in Primary Inboxing, achieve 60% improvement in Email campaign performance which is 2X of Average industry standards.

Seen an uplift of 20-25% in engagements through ML features and it enabled us to reach out to the customer at the most optimal time.

– Aashish Kumar, Senior Manger - CRM & Growth

– Jaimit Doshi, EVP

Raman - Humanizing AI for Marketers

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