How Nigeria Reads Emails in 2020 – Email behavior insights from across the whole country!


As email marketers, we need data. Data tells us the story of an audience. It tells us what our customers want to hear from us.

At Netcore, we have over 50% of Nigerian banks.

With billions of emails sent from Netcore’s servers, we identified patterns and developed an insight into why some emails work, and why others fail.

After spending countless man-hours to convert the data into 51 pages of insights, we knew this data would prove useful to not just our customers, but all email marketers across the globe.

In this free-for-all report, we reveal:

  1. What makes users interact with emails?
  2. How you can influence engagement
  3. What you can do to improve your email ROI?
  4. And ideas and strategies for email marketers in 2020

This is not a case study of a billion emails. This is a story about Nigeria.

Of all the emails that were sent out through Netcore, the average open rate was 16.24% in 2019. 

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This is 2% higher than in 2018.

We know as a fact that 100% of the emails are not opened. So every increase in the open rate, matters.

This data shows that customers are keener to listen to your communication.

Yet the drop in click rate shows that brands should do better to engage their audience.

So we’ve also designed an email analysis model to help you discover what works for your audience, and what won’t and how you can make your emails better.

Find out:

  • The best sending times for maximum engagement
  • Subject line moods that work best
  • Significance of open and click rates for your emails
  • Components of a subject line that influence your audience’s interest
  • Benefits of automating your marketing efforts and how they improve performance

And much more…