Unified Customer View

Break down silos to unify customer data and get an advanced understanding of their behaviour, inaction, and intent across devices and channels


Develop Rich Individual Customer Profiles

Capture diverse data-points on every single customer that uses your mobile app or website. Gain an in-depth understanding of your customers based on their demographic, geographic, behavioural, and device-related details. Enrich these profiles in real-time based on every single customer interaction with your mobile app, website, and marketing campaigns.

Strengthen your Segmentation Strategy

Once you have greater visibility on individual customers, you can effortlessly create customer segments based on certain defined data-points. For instance, if you’re a food delivery app, you can build out laser-focused segments based on location, preferred cuisines, loyalty programme categories, or modes of payment.

Send Hyper-Personalised Communication

A 360-degree view of your customers allows you to craft personalised data-driven multi-channel campaigns as part of dynamic marketing automation journeys. The more personalised your messages; higher the customer engagement, conversion, and retention rates. Let customer data help you optimise your campaign performance.

Deliver Consistent Customer Experiences

By identifying and tracking cross-device interactions with your mobile app or website, you get a consolidated view of your customers’ usage source and patterns. Now deliver consistent individualised experiences without counting the same customer twice. Deepen customer relationships, one engaged customer at a time.

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