Smart Push – App Push Notification Delivery


The World’s Best in Push Notification Delivery

Here’s the push notification delivery technology that leaves the rest in the dust. It’s 2 times as powerful as traditional push amplification, and it will boost your App Push Notification delivery by over 45%

The 4 Stage Surgical Strike

There are multiple drains on your app push notification delivery rates from FCM and APNS to Chinese smartphones restricting background processes. Our engineers have designed a clever 4 stage technology to give each drain its due diligence and mitigate them to the fullest.

Smart Push = 2 X Push Amplification

Stage 1 – Push Amplification

The traditional push amplification acts as Smart Push’s Stage 1. Here’s how it works:

  1. Smartech’s SDK generates a Unique ID for each user to directly deliver App Push Notifications.
  2. With this unique ID, Smartech builds a back-up delivery gateway, outside GCM/FCM & APNS.
  3. With its pull-back mechanism, the Smartech server triggers notifications to those smartphones which didn’t receive it the first time.

Stage 1 will boost your delivery rates by 10 – 15%

Netcore helped EaseMyTrip reduce app uninstall rates and increase push notification delivery rates

It is extremely crucial to engage the users right from the beginning for an App Marketer. Netcore Smartech’s ‘Push Amplification’ feature gave us the advantage of reducing our overall app uninstall rate. Our push notification delivery rate went up and ensured that our push messages reach to the targeted users.

Rikant Pitti, COO
  • Reduced app uninstall rates and push notification
  • Delivery went up

Stage 2 – Xiaomi Push Gateway

An incorporation of Xiaomi Push Gateway is Smart Push’s Stage 2. Here’s how it works:

Chinese smartphones try to save up on battery life by restricting background processes. Since these processes are responsible for triggering notifications on the device end, most notifications never turn up.

  1. Smartech’s servers trigger your App Push Notification through FCM, Xiaomi Push Gateway, and the traditional Push Amplification.
  2. On the customer’s end, Smartech SDK ensures that they receive the notification only once.

Stage 2 will boost your delivery rates by 7 – 8%
For Xiaomi smartphones the boost will be around 70%

Netcore helped Thomas Cook India increase of Push Notification delivery rate

Smartech’s actionable analytics, advanced segmentation, and multi-channel marketing automation helped us increase our campaign revenue by 2.5X. The ML-powered automated and personalized engagement strategies also helped us boost lead generation by 2X on Smartech, reducing customer acquisition costs by 50%. Smartech Push Amplification solved our biggest problem: low rates of Push Notification delivery. Our Push Notification delivery rate went up by 44% and CTRs by 63%.

Abraham Alapatta, President & Group Head

Stage 3 – Delivery Boosters

Our delivery boosters act as Smart Push’s Stage 3. They are a special addition with the potential to boost your delivery to 100% of your active app users. Once you schedule your App Push Notification, the Smartech servers fetch and schedule it when app is active. This assures delivery despite network connectivity.

Stage 3 will boost your delivery rates by 7 – 10%

Netcore impacts TVS Credit Saathi’s user engagement

It’s extremely important for any brand to target the right user through the right channel at the right time. With Netcore Smartech, we were able to optimize our app push notification strategy, driving 23% of user engagement on our app through improved push notification delivery. We have achieved 2.2X uplift in delivery rates and 1.8X uplift in click rates through app push notifications as a channel on Smartech. The consultancy and support from the Customer Success Team at Netcore has been extremely helpful in achieving this feat.

Mr. Mukund Kulkarni, Chief Manager – Digital Marketing
TVS Credit

Stage 4 – The Secret Sauce

We had assigned our best engineers to find and exploit every possible mechanism to improve app notification delivery rate – and they delivered. With a combination of innovations, hacks, and experiments our deliverability engineering team was able to push our notification delivery rates up by a considerable extent.

Stage 4 will boost your delivery rates by 10 – 15%.

  • Stage 1 – Push Amplification – 10-15%
  • Stage 2 – Xiaomi Push Gateway – 7-8%
  • Stage 3 – Delivery Boosters – 7-10%
  • Stage 4 – The Secret Sauce – 10-15%

The 4 stage Smart Push boosts your delivery rates by over 45%.

Netcore helps Sheemaro boost their push notification delivery by 50%

Technology has always been at the heart of ShemarooMe and how we function to make the content viewing not only personalized for our viewers but also enhance their watching experience. This partnership with Netcore augments our customer watching experience and helps us reach out to more Bollywood buffs.

Zubin Dubash, COO – Digital