Advanced Actionable Analytics

Set yourself up for blistering growth by accurately analysing your customers’ behaviour at every stage of the conversion journey


Funnel Analysis

Every mobile app user or website visitor navigates across your platform differently. Now accurately track individual customer journeys along the entire path to conversion. Drill-down, split funnels, and pinpoint where they drop-off, create real-time customer segments, and target them with relevant messaging campaigns to arrest churn and uplift engagement.

Cohort Analysis

Compare groups of customers that exhibit similar behaviours across your mobile app and/or website. Map their behaviour over custom time periods to analyse how each cohort remains engaged, from the time of sign-up/registration. Use these insights to make UI/UX improvements or run targeted campaigns to boost engagement and retention.

RFM Analysis

Create an automated behavioural segmentation flywheel by examining the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value of your customers’ purchase (or any other conversion event). Target your identified customer segments – ranging from Stars and Loyalists to At Risk and Dormant – with customised multi-channel campaigns that justify your marketing spends.

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