Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Take automated customer journey orchestration to the next level by delivering personalised messages across diverse channels such as emails, push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, web messages, etc.


Develop a High-Impact Campaign Channel Mix

Don’t restrict yourself to 1 or 2 channels of engagement. Identify what channels work best for standalone campaigns or automated customer journeys and fine-tune your customer engagement strategy accordingly. And, run all these data-driven operations on Smartech’s consolidated platform, easily.

Engage Audiences on their Preferred Channels

Embrace customer-centricity by orchestrating marketing campaigns based on your customers’ most engaged channels of communication and cross-device preferences. Use a mix of AI-powered actionable insights and creative liberty to direct your channel mix across every stage of the conversion funnel.

Make Automation the Pillar of your Marketing Machinery

Allocate more time and resources towards strategy while Smartech automates the delivery of personalised and contextualised messages across channels and devices, based on analysed behavioural data and usage patterns. Make better and more agile data-driven decisions that fuel growth through marketing automation.


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