Omnichannel Personalization

Deliver hyper-personalized website and mobile app browsing, navigational, and purchase experiences to skyrocket marketing ROI by almost 15X

Personalized Offers

Tailormake Unique Customer Experiences at Scale

Don’t show the same website or mobile app to all your visitors and customers anymore! Customise the entire website or mobile app experience at an individual level based on their demographic and geolocation data points, historical browsing and purchase behaviour, needs, desires, and intents.

If you’re an e-commerce platform, highlight targeted offers to repeat customers based on past products viewed or added to cart. If you’re a travel company, showcase flight deals based on the current weather or previous travel booking destinations!

Personalized website navigation

Personalise the User Navigational Journey

Leverage your customer’s browsing behaviour and purchase history to customise how you want them to move across your website or mobile app. The more individualised your navigational journey, greater the probability of your customers finding exactly what they want, faster!

As an e-commerce player, you can show the exact product on a pre-defined section of the website or mobile app to a customer that has viewed it on his/her previous visit. This will help you increase top-of-mind recall and the chances of purchase during the current session!

Personalized recommendations powered by AI

Allow the Power of AI to Personalise Recommendations

Our AI engine, Raman, does all the heavy-lifting by analysing large sets of historical data to generate highly personalised and contextual product or content recommendations. Now accurately predict the probability of each customer browsing, adding to cart, or purchasing a particular item.

Whether you’re in the travel, media OTT, e-commerce, or banking industry – predictive recommendations give your customers exactly what they want and can increase conversions by as much as 20%. True story!

Decide when and where to display your product or content recommendations across different UI elements

Micro-Target Personalised Recommendations, Intelligently

Raman’s Multi-Armed Bandit algorithms can help you figure out when and where to display your product or content recommendations across different UI elements. These are built specifically for your website or mobile app and can be optimised for peak performance.

Choose from a variety of widgets, SEO-friendly pages, web popups, and emails to trigger contextual recommendations at the right time to the right customer. Even use AI-generated and optimised ads across Google, Facebook, and Instagram to further boost conversions.

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