Customer Journey Orchestration

Effortlessly create and execute customer journeys driven by your customers’ actions, inactions, and lifecycle stages


Make Every Digital Touchpoint Count

Orchestrate multi-channel customer journeys based on your conversion goals. Automate agile workflows that help you engage with relevant customer segments by sending the right message on the right channel, at just the right time. Account for drop-offs and non-responses to certain channels and adapt your journeys on the go.

Power Timely Customer Engagement

Ensure you deliver rich, contextualised messages across email, push notifications, in-app messages, or SMS by accounting for time. Craft and embed scheduled or time-space triggered campaigns within your journeys. Also, map customer responses in real-time to decide the next best action towards nurturing them towards conversion.

Hyper-Personalise Customer Experiences

The behaviour of your mobile app users and website visitors will never follow a linear path. Adapt to the smallest changes in behavioural patterns and instantly isolate customer segments along the most relevant journey to expedite conversion through hyper-personalised communication. Why not make your customers feel special?

Leverage Granular Transactional Data

Create better data-backed customer journeys through Smartech’s “Array in Payload” feature. By capturing deep-dive data based on your customers’ transactions, you can further personalise your messaging campaigns through relevant recommendations. In this way, drive conversions or resurrect dormant customers across dynamic customer journeys.

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