Contextual App Walkthroughs

Engage with live app users in real-time with meaningful, action-driven messages to boost user retention rates by 12-15%

Deliver Impactful First-Time Onboarding Experiences

Deliver Impactful First-Time Onboarding Experiences

Wow first-time app users with a personalised and seamless onboarding flow. Get them to explore and use the app by quickly educating them on the registration process, login options, key app features, first-time promo codes, etc.

Handhold and Direct App Users Towards Conversion

Handhold and Direct Users Towards Conversion

Tailormake customised walkthroughs or tutorials across multiple app screens on the go, to target passive users. Save these contexts to trigger this kind of in-app engagement for future users that satisfy qualification parameters that you can define.

Highlight New or Under utilized App Features

Highlight New or Underutilised App Features

Draw attention to new “sticky” or existing low-adoption app features with contextual in-app messages or drop-down coachmarks. Get users hooked to these features so they extract maximum value while you drive up repeat app usage and retention.

Gather live feedback from active in-app users through qualitative surveys

Capture Dynamic User Feedback, Real-Time

Go beyond ratings and reviews to gather live feedback from active in-app users through qualitative surveys. Launch these depending upon your use case and the stage of the app user journey. Use this feedback to improve your UI or product/service offering.

Contextual Walkthroughs helps Increase App Retention & Feature Adoption

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