Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)

Our AI Engine, Raman, transforms insights from real-time customer-level data into predictive models that help you deliver the right message to the right customer on the right channel, at just the right time!


Campaign Title Optimisation

Embed high-conversion keywords in hyper-personalised email subject lines or push notification titles based on your customers’ historical interactions with your marketing campaigns. Comprehensive sentiment analysis can now help you identify what keywords work best for which customer segments, even for the same campaigns. Capture your customers’ split-second attention spans to drive higher open rates, CTRs, and conversions.

Campaign Content Optimisation

Go one step further and make every marketing campaign count by optimising the message content to resonate with individual customers. Leverage campaign-specific content recommendations offered by Raman, driven by your customers’ historical behavioural and psychographic data-points, to deliver multi-channel campaigns that help you convert, engage, and retain customers.

Send Time Optimisation

Identify the best time to send your email, push notification, or SMS campaigns to relevant customer segments when they are most likely open and react to such marketing communication. Raman dives deep to produce these insights based on your target audience’s historical opens and responses. Also monitor real-time responses to record and update any change in customer behaviour.

Preferred Channel

Based on insights derived from your customers’ historical responses and interactions with your marketing campaigns, Raman now allows you to identify the channel of engagement on which different customer segments are most active on. Orchestrate intelligent customer journeys to effectively engage with customer segments on such channels to achieve your conversion goals.

Smart Segments

Allow Raman to harness the power of Machine Learning to achieve advanced user segmentation. Based on in-depth analysis of behavioural data and pre-defined customer segments; you can unearth new hidden and granular segments based on past purchase, viewing, browsing activities, etc. Unlock new revenue streams by targeting these segments with contextual messages.

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